Destination Weddings Guide
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We keep hearing from more and more brides that
they want something “different” when it comes to their
bouquets. Standard cala lilies or roses just aren’t meeting
the unique needs of said destination brides, especially
when the selection on some islands is less than abundant.
Although the last sentence might not make sense to some
(wouldn’t flowers grow wild and plentiful on the islands?),
it’s actually true that you’ll be looking at imported flowers in
many cases, especially if you have discerning taste.
Enter funky brooch bouquets! Now a popular trend,
companies like Brooch Bouquets™ and Floral Fantasy™ will
create a perfect alternative filled with dazzling heirlooms
from your family. What an incredibly spectacular idea for
your bouquet - since it has to be absolutely fabulous in
every way!
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