The colour of love
Bold, vibrant hues are in vogue again – but limit
choices to just one shade, as opposed to using the
whole rainbow. The neutral, muted matrimonial
palette of whites and creams is the perfect foil for a
pop of colour. Utilize bold colours only in the major
visual details: Ask your baker to create elaborate sugar
flowers or embellishments in your signature hue, or the
more adventurous can try a “reveal” cake, where the
decorative outer details remain a classic white while
the batter is dyed to match the wedding palette. At
the cake-cutting portion of the reception, the cake’s
colourful interior is revealed to the delight of the guests.
To maximize the visibility of your chosen colour
without overwhelming, keep everything else as
neutral/monochromatic as possible.
Petal pushers
Utilize unusual or rare flowers only in the major visual
details: Have your florist select bloom types that mirror
your palette and use them in centrepieces, bouquets
and boutonnieres. Suspended flower arrangements
are a really beautiful way to showcase flowers while
drawing the eye upward. In the case of a beach
wedding where tropical foliage and flora can be
incorporated, try cascading bouquets or fresh flower
ceremony arches.
Keep it simple. Use a cohesive overhead visual
element or multiple elements in the same style to
create a singular, stunning focal point.
Tented weddings lend an element of surprise. Up
the dramatic ante by bringing indoor elements to
an outdoor wedding. Combine the formal silks and
sparkling chandeliers with natural elements – drape
fabrics frombranches, string together mini-chandeliers
or use local foliage to create centrepieces.
Use your invitations as a tie-in to your venue, and
a visual hint to your guests.
Destination Weddings Guide
| 109
Incorporating unusual venues and details are often
the way to turn an ordinary wedding into an affair to
remember. Whether it’s the finishing touches at a table
or the fabulous final destination, here are a few ideas
that are sure to make your guests' jaws drop when
they get the invite to your big day
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