Destination Weddings Guide
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Drape-y drama
Fabric draping can totally transform the atmosphere of
a reception site. Not onlycan itmaskunsightlyoverhead
elements, it helps dampen acoustic noise in rooms with
a lot of hard surfaces like marble or glass. Outdoors, a
drape treatment creates an intimate atmosphere. In
spaces that are naturally beautiful, draping acts as a
visual enhancement, tying elements together.
Use textured, richly coloured fabrics, shapes and
motifs to ensure a cohesively beautiful affair.
Please be seated
While beautiful centrepieces are often the focal point
of any table, serve up some unexpected luxury at
the table with your linens and place settings. Try seat
covers in dupioni silk over Tiffany chairs, or, keep your
cushions white and tie big, satin ribbons in your colour
scheme to each. Adorn your flatwarewith interestingly
patterned chargers, napkins, or use mirrored chargers
or sequins to add sparkle.
Choose one “wow” element and utilize it. In-
corporating bright, shiny and unusual can be too
much of a good thing.
Julian Moniz Photography.
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