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It was a blind date that would seal the fate of avid
runners Shalene and Andrew, two dog-loving travel
junkies from Toronto. Immediately taken by her
love of adventure and insatiable appetite for life,
Andrew knew he wanted to spend his life making
her happy, while Shalene couldn’t resist his hopeful,
happy attitude, expert napping skills, and passion
for family and friends.
A puzzling engagement
When Andrew had to fly to New Jersey for work,
he knew it was the ideal opportunity to have Sha-
lene tag along so they could explore the Big Apple
together. Ever the romantic, Andrew planned an
elaborate “Adventure Day” for Shalene, which in-
volved a tour of meaningful locations in NYC, while
she worked to solve a puzzle, with pieces given to
her along the way.
The first stop found them in Central Park, at the iconic
Gapstow Bridge, where Shalene was given her first
clue: A furry puzzle piece inscribed with, “‘W’ander.
Wewander for distraction andwe travel for fulfillment.”
Next, it was on to chapter two of their adventure,
Housing Works Bookstore, a delight for the booklover
in Shalene. After a bit of browsing, Andrew gave her
piece two: “‘A’thlete. The reason we race isn’t so
much to beat each other, but to be with each other.”
From there, Andrew led her to his next location,
Sun’s Organic Tea Shop, where they sat and sam-
pled a variety of fragrant teas. While enjoying the
botanical brews, Shalene received the third puzzle
piece: “‘S’leep. No day is so bad that it can’t be
fixed with a nap.”
The fourth and final destination brought them to the
Brooklyn Bridge, a haven for runners, and the per-
fect pit stop to hand over the finishing puzzle piece:
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