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Destination Weddings Guide
Prepare a contact information sheet: Provide a trusted friend
or relative that is not going with you to your wedding with the
emergency contact information sheet. This should include all
of the resort’s information. Once you arrive, be sure to advise
this person of your room number.
Have your hair cut and dyed.
Do a test run of your make up so you have everything with you
that you will need and so that you will be comfortable with the
outcome. For wedding day makeup tips, check out page 38.
Pick up your wedding dress and obtain a secure bag for travel.
Make sure all documents required for your wedding are
packed and ready to go. For example: Passports, travel
documents, birth certificates, e-documents, etc. Make sure
you carry all of these documents in your carry-on luggage. Do
not check any important paperwork or valuables.
Confirm all details regarding your wedding, including flow-
ers, cake, videography, photography, musicians, and spa
Meet with bridal party to confirm and coordinate
responsibilities while in destination.
Schedule final dress fitting with your bridal party. Make sure to
bring correct shoes and undergarment for the final fit.
Assemble wedding favours, gift baskets or bags.
Start working on your speech (if you haven’t started already).
Start getting organized with your packing so you can always
go out and get anything you still needwithout feeling rushed.
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