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Destination Weddings Guide
region instantly appealed to them, “Mexico had a
lot to offer…the resort itself was unique, and was a
place that we would have chosen for ourselves if
we were planning a vacation,” the couple says.
As Alessandra’s father walked her down the aisle,
Paul and his blushing bride-to-be could hardly
contain their excitement; they would remember
these blissful moments forever.
Among the most memorable moments of their
special day is, “The first kiss, of course,” they both
agree. With mini-lights illuminating the lush garden
setting, the newlyweds enjoyed a special surprise
treat at dinner, “a flash mob planned in secret
by our guests.” Their DIY touch included an iPod
hooked up to a sound system they rented. Ingrid
Fools Rush In
saw Alessandra and Paul
embrace in their first dance in the presence of their
loved ones.
To show their appreciation, the couple customized
beach bags with their wedding date emblazoned
on them, and a verse from their wedding song.
Inside these bags, guests were treated to natural-
woven fans with customized tags, and tubes of
bubbles that had mini-starfish affixed to the handles.
The Maldives became the show-stopping honey-
moon destination for these lovebirds. As they cel-
ebrated their love by the sea, on this special day,
their footsteps in the sand marked the first of many
sun-kissed journeys they would take together in the
coming years.
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