Total happiness
Costa Rica is an ideal destination to hold one of your most
cherished celebrations. You and your guests can enjoy luxurious
resorts with powdery beaches and stunning ocean views,
gourmet dining and top-notch service from staff committed
to helping you make warm memories that will last for years to
come. And with a wedding planner dedicated to overseeing
the details of your special day, you are free to relax and enjoy
with your guests.
Every couple has dreamed of walking hand in hand along an
idyllic beach, feeling the softness of the sand while the water
wets their feet. Costa Rica’s multicoloured beaches are waiting
for you.
Your honeymoon, the beginning of a new life together will spark
new romance, experiences, confidence, and memories. When
you marry someone for the rest of your life, you want to choose
the perfect setting to create a lifetime of memories. The smell of
the wood, the texture of the sheets, the first sunset you watch as a
married couple, and tranquil sounds at dawn. So, the place you
choose for your honeymoon must be warm and intimate. It must
have something different to give you a taste of the unforgettable
experiences you’re in for: A memory that will last forever.
Costa Rica is like a paradise, where you will enjoy the splendid
natural surroundings and beautiful landscapes. You can spend
quiet time here or, if you prefer, you will find lots of action and
adventure at the beach or in exotic forests.
Sunwing Airlines offers flights to Costa Rica from Edmonton,
Toronto and Montreal.
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