Destination Weddings Guide
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glorious night, Valerie and Thomas made precious
memories they would cherish forever.
From the Dia de Los Muertos caketoppers that in-
cluded their dog, Mia, to the miniature, personal-
ized bottles of Don Julio tequila, and the traditional
Mexican market bags filled with local snacks as
welcome gifts, the couple added special touches
unique to their destination. In the home-away-from-
home comfort of the seaside villa, with their hands
lovingly intertwined the entire night, he kept her
close as they danced to their wedding song,
One’s Gonna Love You
by Band of Horses. The eve-
ning came to a blissful end, and the couple retired
to their bridal suite, to be greeted by… A bat!
“Getting married in tropical Mexico has its surprises.
I happened to love bats!” exclaims Valerie.
Valerie and Thomas spent their honeymoon solidify-
ing their union by starting a family.
Claudia Rodriguez Wedding Photography.
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The bride’s baptismal rosary and bible, as
well as a heart-shaped pendant engraved with
her dog Mia’s name.
A bracelet gifted to the bride by her in-laws.
An heirloom handkerchief loaned to
the bride by her mother-in-law.
Earrings given to the bride by her groom.
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