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Jolene & Eddie
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Destination Weddings Guide
This is the story of an art geek who fell for a sports jock.
This Hollywood-style tale is a serendipitous account
of two lovers who finally found one another at the
ripe age of 19. Gazing at him through her art pencils
and pastels, Jolene loved him from afar, secretly
hoping that they would end up together someday.
This teenage romance was never illustrated until one
magical day when the couple finally met at the mall.
“Her confidence, passion, love and compassion,”
Eddie says, were what attracted him to Jolene. And
she was simply smitten with his eyes, smile, sense of
humour, and ability to make every moment fun and
The famed Dunn’s River Falls in Ocho Rios, Jamaica
set the stage for moments of cascading romance
as Eddie sought the most opportune moment to
propose to his Jolene - seven years after the day
they met. When the couple finally reached the last
waterfall at the top of the falls, “the guide brought
Eddie and me to the front of the group, in front of the
waterfall. I was so confused why we were heading
to the front of the group, and I looked back to see
some disgruntled faces as we cut the line. I looked
forward again to see Eddie, DOWN ON ONE KNEE!!! I
was so surprised,” Jolene recalls enthusiastically. "Oh
my goodness,” then a, “yes, of course,” was her final
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