Photography by Photoshop Caribe.
Congratulations to Christine and Shawn on winning
our Destination Weddings Photo Contest from
Volume 4 Issue 1.
What startedas abuddingclassroomromance inhigh
school fizzled out when the summer months arrived.
Fate would intervene five years later, as Christine and
Shawn were re-united in a happenstance meeting
at a bar.
“Since that night [at the Crocobar], we have never
let each other go,” the couple remembers.
When asked what attracted Christine to him, Shawn
says, “I love how she is kind-hearted, always wanting
to put her own feelings aside for others, and how
she can be a real goof.” Her glowing smile and her
ability to fill a room instantly captivated him.
Christine fell head over heels for Shawn’s passion
for his family and friends, his fun-loving attitude, and
great conversation.
“I love that he makes me feel like I’m the only person
around. I love him very much,” Christine confesses.
Coasing on cloud nine
One fine February, with 43 of their closest friends and
family, in the midst of turquoise, blue and purple,
dotted with exotic white flowers and orchids, Chris-
tine and Shawn were married.
Christine remembers riding through the Caribe Club
Princess Beach Resort and Spa in Punta Cana, Do-
minican Republic towards the beachfront ceremony
in a golfcart, and having hotel guests wishing her,
“Congratulations” as she passed by.
The butterflies filled her stomach as she saw her fa-
ther waiting in the sand ready to walk her towards
her future husband, Shawn.
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Christine & Shawn
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