“What a feeling. We were alone in our own world.
I will never forget this moment,” Christine says.
Shawn’s most memorable moment occurred when
he was greeted by all the wedding guests at the cer-
emony location on the beach before Christine ar-
rived – he welcomed their greetings with tears of joy.
“I tried to keep my calm, but no luck, then my beau-
tiful wife-to-be started to walk down the aisle, and I
fell in love all over again,” he says.
With her brother as the pastor, Christine approached
the altar and noticed that he was dressed in a long
white gown (which was a table cloth from the dol-
lar store, with a hole cut out at the top), holding a
wooden, handmade crucifix – this comic relief was
able to keep the bride and groom calm and relaxed
while providing great entertainment for the guests.
The duo spent the following hours enjoying the com-
pany of their loved ones, swaying to their first dance,
You Smile
by Justin Bieber, and celebrating at the
resort’s beachfront grill.
Destination Weddings Guide
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A bracelet for the bride.
The bride’s dress.
A bobbypin (just before heading out,
given to the bride by her sister-in-law).
The bride's garter (white with a blue ribbon).
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