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Sunwing destination weddings guide
Destination Weddi gs Guide
Get their look
Bride’s gown:
A simple white long dress with
a small train.
Bride’s shoes:
Bare feet.
Groom’s outfit:
White linen 3/4 pants, blue
turquoise dress shirt, and bare feet.
Bridesmaids dresses:
Blue turquoise dresses.
Photoshop Caribe, Gaia Bertuzzi
and Jesica Mara Talento Lema.
DIY - The bride and her sister-in-law.
DIY - The bride's sister-in-law.
Photography by Photoshop Caribe.
Tips for brides and grooms
• Don’t stress too much with planning, get the
dresses, shoes and the men’s clothing, and let
your wedding specialist do the rest
• We also suggest a second week for the newly
married couple to stay and relax, because when
there are two familys at the same time, there is a
lot of running around. Take that second for you
and your husband to relax on the beach, and
have a romantic supper on the beach
• Couples that are planning a destination
wedding should always check online reviews of
resorts they are planning on choosing. Maybe
try finding someone that has already gotten
married at the resort you are interested in
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