Destination Weddings Guide
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Hotel Valentin Imperial Maya is the new definition of para-
dise. Our five-star, adults only (18+), all inclusive resort is set
amid lavish gardens on a half-mile-long stretch of white-
sand beach, setting the stage for a perfect wedding in
Inspired by grand haciendas of the past, the hotel offers
unsurpassed luxury and beauty that capture the essence
of a traditional Mexican wedding. Choose from pack-
ages that include a Mayan wedding ceremony, with
prayers in the Mayan language, blessings, and a floral of-
fering to the sea.
Also available are more contemporary packages, such
as Moonlit Memories, Star Love, Heavenly Moments, Joy-
ful Memories and Valentin Forever.
At Valentin Imperial Maya, we know that the perfect
wedding means the difference between a good event
and a perfect moment that will be remembered for the
rest of your life.
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ding specialist at Sunwing Weddings by visiting
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