Hidden Gem
Destination Weddings Guide
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Picture your perf ct Curaçao w dding. Captivating
ocean views surround you and your beloved. Both of
you are warmed by your love and the blissful Caribbean
sunshine. Curaçao is acclaimed as one of the most
romantic Caribbean wedding locations – and for good
reason. We blend the sun, sand and surf of the islands with
a delightful Dutch European charm. Curaçao is relatively
undiscovered within the Caribbean, and its secrets await
to be unlocked. What better way than during a blissfully
unforgettable wedding and honeymoon? Explore
Curaçao, the Caribbean’s hidden gem!
Curaçao offers all the ingredients for the ideal wedding
– a lovely climate, historical country yards, beaches
shaded by coconut trees and washed with crystal-clear
blue waters. Discover the perfect ambiance for your
wedding – whether you desire a beach celebration, one
in an 18th-century church, or at one of our renowned
hotels and resorts.
SunwingAirlines offers direct flights toCuraçao fromToronto.
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