waterfalls, and historical sites to a secluded cove,
which is ideal for snorkelling. After viewing the vivid
colours of the sea, disembark at the famous Dunn’s
River Falls. Your guide will lead you up the falls and
through the tropical rainforest beside the 600-foot
cascading waterfalls. Afterwards, relax with an on-
board cocktail as the unstoppable crew continues
the entertainment with some dancing.
Punta Cana, Dominican Republic
Dr. Fish Ocean Spa
Float your stress away with the ultimate spa cruise
experience. Partake in the most unique spa
experience in the Dominican. Choose from a large
variety of spa treatments; join in on a bio-pilates class
while cruising along the coast of Bavaro for hours of
pure relaxation. You will receive personal attention,
along with your own private massage area, which
features spectacular ocean views. Try a massage and
relaxation session on a floating mattress in the natural
pool, followed by our world-famous Dr. Fish treatment.
Liberia, Costa Rica
White Water Rafting Tenorio River
Test your courage, and challenge your skills as our
fantastic guides steer you through the Tenorio River.
Located in the heart of Guanacaste, this rafting
adventure starts with a stroll through the rainforest, amid
an enchanting atmosphere. Also be sure to look out for
various types of wildlife, as Costa Rica is well recognized
for their feathery toucan friends. Challenges await you
as you plunge through twists, turns and drop down 12.5
kilometres of intense rapids. Our fantastic guides will
steer you through rapids and over the falls.
Punta Cana, Dominican Republic
Dolphin Island Park - Swim
Join us at Dolphin Island Park to encounter sharks
and stingrays, and swim with dolphins or sea lions!
Immerse yourself in an underwater world with a
complete program of swimming and snorkelling with
dolphins. The adventure starts with a short boat ride.
The main program includes instruction, a show, and
a 25-minute swim with adorable dolphins or sea lions.
A meeting with sharks and stingrays is an optional
feature at no extra charge.
Cayo Santa Maria, Cuba
Havana by Plane
Travel to Havana by plane to discover vintage
American cars and colonial mansions. The Cuban
capital, Havana, is the Caribbean’s largest city with
a personality of its own. Begin your day with a flight
to the capital where you’ll set off on a guided tour,
including stops in Old Havana (Habana Vieja), to
Baroque churches, sun-washed plazas, palaces,
and museums. You’ll also explore New Havana
(Vedado), the city’s political hub. Stroll through
Revolution Square, a vast open space that’s home to
hulking ministry buildings and monuments to Cuba’s
national heroes, José Marti and Che Guevara. Also
on the agenda is an optional visit to one of Havana’s
colourful street markets, and a complimentary lunch.
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