Panama Canal Partial Transit
Explore the Panama Canal, considered a wonder
of modern architecture. The Panama Canal Partial
Transit tour is definitely the best way to experience
this modern wonder. Pass through two sets of locks
(Miraflores and PedroMiguel), where the level of water
will vary between 16 and 10 metres, respectively. In
addition, you will also appreciate the beauty of the
local rainforest surrounding the area at the Gaillard
Cut - the narrowest part of the Canal.
Cancun/ Riviera Maya, Mexico
Cancun Party Package
When the lights go down, the music is turned up!
The Cancun Nightlife Package is a “must” for party
seekers. From the sounds and lights of the city, the
shows at Coco Bongo, and the legends of Dady O’s
and Senor Frogs, this is the ultimate party package.
Available in three, four and five-night intervals -
you have the opportunity to choose which club to
visit on any given night. And you’ll qualify for open
domestic bar VIP, express line by-pass and cover
upon submission of your ticket.
Punta Cana, Dominican Republic
Imagine Punta Cana Nightclub
Dance the night away at this spectacular cave-like
nightclub, which features two rooms of sound and an
impressive special events room. The first room is the
Main Cave, which features an array of musical genres
from Top 40 and beyond. The second room is the
Elecrto Cave, which is sure to please electric dance
music lovers. This sizzling room boasts one of the most
powerful sound systems in Punta Cana, and with the
combination of natural acoustics, this “cave” is a party
haven. If you are looking to enjoy a VIP evening, you
can ask for the Private Cave at an extra cost. Here
you will enjoy the magical corner of the cave, where
ambient music will stimulate and awaken your senses.
Los Cabos, Mexico
Outdoor Adventure
Rock-climbing, hanging bridges, the Crazy Ladder,
Tarzan Swing and ziplines are all part of this exciting
outdoor adventure, not to mention the impressive 98-
foot rappel! Fly across open canyons and emerald-
green streams on the double-safety ziplines; cross
the canyons on the Commando Bridge; scale the
rock face as you ascend on the specially-designed
climbing walls; and race your friends on the tandem
zipline. This is an adrenaline junkie’s dream come true!
Cancun/ Riviera Maya, Mexico
Mayan Ruins
Indulge in the perfect combination of culture and
adventure. Enjoy a thrilling day of exploration filledwith
snorkelling in beautiful underwater lagoons, trekking on
hidden junglepaths, rappelling intocenotes, swimming
in pristine waters, and flying on breathtaking ziplines.
Experience the archaeological site in Tulum, which is
situated on a cliff-top overlooking the Caribbean Sea,
and learn about the Mayan civilization.
Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
Santo Domingo City Tour
Santo Domingo is the oldest city of the Americas.
Discover the capital city of this beautiful island. This tour
begins with the spectacular Los Tres Ojos (the three
eyes) caves, then takes you to the colonial area to
visit the house built by Columbus. You’ll see sensational
sights, from the Christopher Columbus Lighthouse to
the historical cathedral. Soak up the atmosphere of
the oldest street of the New World, Calle la Damas,
and walk through a typical Dominican market where
bargains are endless and bartering is fun!
Puerto Plata, Dominica Republic
ATV Buggies
An ATV dune buggy ride is an exciting way to get
off the beaten track to discover and explore the
Puerto Plata countryside. Join us for an energetic and
exciting drive on your own ATV dune buggy, along
a beach, sugar cane fields, rivers, streams and fruit
plantations, as you enjoy magnificent views, and
absorb the beauty and nature of Hispaniola. Enjoy the
adventure and bird`s eye views while driving through
muddy roads, a lush green forest and vegetation, and
nearby friendly and interesting communities.
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