This package was designed to allow you to plan your
destination wedding with the help of a friendly and
professional wedding coordinator who understands you
and your wedding vision
Package rate:
The Diamond package offers the following:
• Communication of the details pertaining to your
wedding vision with the hotel’s wedding coordinator
and other vendors on behalf of the bride and groom
• Use of our helpful budget spreadsheet and outline to
plan and budget for your wedding
• Use of a month-by-month wedding planning checklist
to stay on track
• Exclusive access to our preferred vendors list
• Consultation regarding legal requirements and
paperwork you’ll need before you arrive in destination
• Pre-screening of new wedding vendors on your behalf
• A review of vendor contracts and agreements for you
• Monthly emails from your wedding planner on the latest
destination wedding trends
• Advice on popular design and colour palette ideas
• A detailed day-of wedding schedule to use and follow
on site
• Hosting of your personalized, interactive wedding
website (a great tool for announcing the wedding
plans, sharing photos, and easily communicating with
your guests)
Start planning your special
celebration with us today!
Destination Weddings Guide
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