1) If the hotel has a wedding coordinator,
why would I need to hire a wedding
Your Sunwing Weddings or Signature
Weddings planner works directly on your
behalf with the resort. Your personal,
dedicated planner lives in Canada, and
from day one of your planning, she’s
there to ease your stress. Youwon’t have
to wait to hear back from reps in Mexico
or theCaribbean.Ourweddingplanners
are creative and have expertiseworking
with a wide variety of properties, venues
and wedding vendors – we’ve done this
for so many happy couples already! This
service is especially designed for busy
brides who need assistance, and who
wish to receive the advice and services
of a dedicated, professional destination
wedding planner.
2) What are the key benefits of our
The peace of mind that you’re working
with a certified destination wedding spe-
cialist while planning your wedding. The
confidence that your wedding planner
speaks your language, understands your
vision, and knows how to execute it. The
assurance that your wedding questions
will be answered promptly and with ex-
pert insight.
If you were getting married locally, you
wouldn’t think twice about hiring a
wedding planner – don’t second guess
yourselfwhen it comes toyour destination
wedding. Brides and grooms face
even more challenges trying to plan a
wedding halfway across the world!
3) What kind of experience do these
planners have?
We have 30+ years of combined
experience in planning destination
weddings. Founded by a destina-
tion wedding bride who was having
trouble planning her own wedding,
the company was established on the
notion that busy brides really need
help. We know what it’s like, we know
how stressful it can be, we’ve heard
the questions from former destination
wedding brides, and we’ve created
these services based on all of these
concerns. We’ve designed in-de-
mand services and packages for your
destination wedding planning needs
- with you in mind!
Today, 80% of Canadians hire
a wedding planner for local
weddings, and this trend is
continuing with destination
weddings. Why sacrifice the
chance to enjoy stress-free
planning just because you
have chosen to marry your
soulmate in a far away land?
Leave all the details, tiny or
mammoth, to our team of
experts, and breathe easy.
Find out why somany Canadian
couples have trusted their most
precious day to us.
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