Legal aspects
– Check with the wedding planner on
the same-sex marriage laws and what are the legal
requirements, officiate who marries you, or if you can
arrange to bring your own.
As in any destination, wedding invitations, flowers,
music, decorations, wedding cake, photography,
reception, and the myriad of other elements are
also important things to consider, however, with
a destination wedding, you have so many options
and special touches you can incorporate, often with
more flair.
The one plus with a destination wedding is the visually
stunning photography with Mother Nature’s finest as
your backdrop to enhance any wedding pictures or
video. The Caribbean Sea, lush Costa Rican rainforest,
colourful Mexican restaurants, Las Vegas glitz, Fort Lau-
derdale and South Beach’s cool vibe, and more.
You can even have a culturally infused traditional
Mayan wedding ceremony, which would hold a
memorable and special meaning.
It’s all about choice, and you and your guests will be
happy with all the activity options they have in destina-
tion. From pampering spa treatments, themed music
nights by the pool or the beach, water sports, whale
watching, ziplining, dancing, hiking, visiting local cul-
tural attractions, or just chillin’ with cool drinks in hand,
celebrating your beautiful marriage.
Destination weddings aren’t about sexual preference
– it’s about celebrating with your friends and family in
a picturesque, romantic, relaxed and fun-filled setting.
Just say, “I want” and your Sunwing Weddings planner
will be ready to take off.
Destination Weddings Guide
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Romance, scenic beauty, fun and frivolity know
no bounds, and that includes destination weddings.
More LGBT couples are now embracing destination
weddings as countries become more progressive with
their policies.
Profess your love and devotion to one another in a
warm tranquil Caribbean setting. Listen to themelodic
sounds of waves rolling in from the turquoise hued
waters and birds chirping gleefully as you exchange
your vows with one another.
Same-sex weddings aren’t distinguished from tradition-
al weddings, but there are some elements which tend
to vary. With the services of Sunwing Weddings and
their team of expert planners, you can be ensured that
your wedding is smooth and hassle-free.
Here are some things to consider when planning
your wedding:
– Some destinations are more conserva-
tive, and may not recognize same-sex weddings or be
LGBT-friendly. Sunwing flies to many destinations which
are LGBT-friendly. Curaçao along with Costa Rica are
two of the most popular same-sex wedding destina-
tions, and provide a very welcoming environment. In
Mexico, Riviera Maya, Cancun, Isla Mujeres and Puer-
to Vallarta are the most progressive. Puerto Vallarta,
and its Blue Chairs Beach, is recognized as one of the
popular same-sex beaches in the world. Punta Cana
in the Dominican Republic is also known to be a wel-
coming destination for same-sex weddings.
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