Mayan magic
Themonth of October would be amagical time for the couple,
who chose to solidify their love at a breathtaking Iberostar
hotel in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico. With four of their closest
friends in attendance, the couple walked barefoot down
the beach, and were wed in a traditional Mayan ceremony,
conducted by a shaman.
More meaningful moments were made as the couple
hammed it up for the camera during their photo shoot with
their photographer.
“We had so much fun taking the photos, and they turned out
Once the photo session wrapped, it was time to celebrate.
The blushing brides opted for cocktails and dinner at the
resort, which provided the perfect finish to an absolutely
unforgettable day.
Get their look
Brides’ gowns:
The brides bought their gowns in Chicago.
Brides’ shoes:
Bridesmaids dresses:
No bridal party.
A local salon.
DIY – The brides.
White lilies.
Dean Sanderson.
Dean Sanderson Photography
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