Our staff is ready to take care of every detail, putting
you in touch with your designated bilingual wedding
experts on site in Cancun and Tulum to make the
process as simple as can be. Booking is easy, and
Oasis is the choice of so many happy couples
because we know what’s required to make your
wedding legal and binding no matter who you love,
and whether you would like to have a symbolic or
religious ceremony. And whether you’re looking for a
small, intimate exchange of vows or a lavish wedding
with family and friends, Oasis has a great selection of
packages and upgrades to choose from.
Select from our eight different resorts and wedding
destinations that cater to you. Our beautiful locations,
featuring stunning beaches, lush gardens, and
gorgeous seaside vistas, will definitely add to the
magic of your special day. Make your wedding day
unique by adding all the special touches you and
your soulmate envisioned for this day. Oasis Hotels &
Resorts offers a variety of floral bouquets, boutonnieres
and decorations, music options, photography
services, and menus as simple or as extravagant as
you'd like. You can even spend a day at the spa with
your favourite pals before you get hitched.
Take a look at all the options, and choose the way
you want to celebrate your special day. Envision
your dream wedding, fill out the form, and let's get
started. Our wedding planners will bring your dream
wedding to life.
Oasis Hotels & Resorts is the place where love comes
to stay, where every wedding is a celebration like no
other, and every romance is a reason to rejoice. In
the tropical paradise of Mexico, the brilliant sunshine
shimmers on the turquoise-coloured sea to create
the ideal setting for a picture-perfect wedding.
Casual or traditional, big or small, Oasis Resorts has
everything your hearts desire, and everyone at
our resorts will make sure your wedding day is the
unforgettable start of a beautiful journey together.
For more details, contact your travel agent or
consult a wedding specialist at Sunwing Weddings
by visiting sunwing.ca.
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