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Dear Destination Wedding Specialists,
My relatives are just not sharing in the excitement of
my destination wedding the way I had hoped they
would. My aunt, especially, is giving me such a hard
time. She doesn’t like the hotel I chose, nor does she
like the location, she is literally going out of her way
to find everything that’s wrong with our decision.
Any advice on how not to take this so personally
and cast the negativity aside? This is supposed to
be my dream wedding in paradise. I would so much
appreciate any advice you can give.
- Irina
Dear Irina,
Sorry to hear that your aunt isn’t being a team
player. To avoid a full-blown, reality TV show-
worthy family feud, our first piece of advice to
all destination wedding couples at the outset of
planning is to avoid asking for anyone’s opinion. I
know that sounds a bit extreme, but remember, this
is YOUR wedding and YOUR choice – the memories
will be part of your history forever. It’s not Negative
Aunty Nelly’s wedding. This dilemma comes into
play again and again in the world of destination
weddings, as everyone has different ideas of what it
should and shouldn’t be. The best route, in this case,
is to bite your tongue and tell your aunt, politely, that
while you appreciate her opinion, expertise and
experience, you would also appreciate if she could
just be happy for you, and accept the decision you
have made. If she still can’t help herself, then do
your best to avoid her until the big day. No use in
getting dragged down into the dumps when you
should be busy planning, posting to your Pinterest
board, shopping for your dress, and picking your
colours. You’re busy enough as is tending to all the
fun stuff!
Let the negativity leave you unaffected like water
off a duck’s back. Stand your ground, and keep in
mind that this is your time to shine and be happy.
A piece of sage advice we can leave you with
(and this speaks to all potential couples), is to pick a
wedding location and plan that is easy for guests to
attend. While your idea of a dream wedding might
be more rustic, in the jungles of Costa Rica or high
atop a hill, off the beaten path in Puerto Vallarta,
just remember that not all of your guests will find
that to be ideal for many legitimate reasons (health,
ease of travel, etc.). Make it easy and it should be
smooth sailing!
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