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Destination Weddings Guide
Dear Destination Wedding Specialists,
I’ve heard of Bridezilla, but my fiancé seems to have
taken on the role of Groomzilla. I’m starting to have
anxiety about the upcoming wedding – it’s really
freaking me out. Help?
- Alexis
Dear Alexis,
Yes, this is a more common occurrence in the
bridal world these days, especially when it comes
to destination weddings. Grooms are involved
because there is usually more planning then just the
wedding day. Boys want to make sure their “boys”
are taken care of - golf day, good scotch, or even
a night out (for ideas on the best bro-celebrations,
flip to page 90). Since destination weddings involve
more logistics and travel, grooms feel they have
more expertise to bring to the table than just picking
out the flowers or linen colours. Why not harness this
energy and assign him a few events or tasks that are
his to plan exclusively (if you trust him, of course).
This is good practice for what your married life will
be like together in the future, allowing him to be
part of the planning, and empowering him to make
decisions that will impact the two of you is a great
step toward a healthy marriage. For example, if
babies are in your future, you’ll appreciate having
a “hands on” kind of guy this early on in the game.
Don’t stress, but rather embrace your Groomzilla for
what, and who, he is!
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