Destination Weddings Guide
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Dear Wedding Specialists,
I keep reading about wedding etiquette and tradi-
tions of what we “should be doing” for our wedding.
Isn’t the whole point of having a destination wed-
ding an opportunity to break the mould and bring
something different to the event?
- Chrissy and Raj
Dear Chrissy and Raj,
You seem to have the right attitude when it comes
to your destination wedding. You are absolutely right
that you are able to break away from the staunch
traditions of a hometown wedding. Get creative
with the meals (you likely wouldn’t have a beach
BBQ at a traditional wedding), allow your guests to
dress less formal (black tie in the Caribbean would
be very hot and sweaty), incorporate local traditions
(think local food or local favors), and leave the
conventions of a hometown wedding behind.
Feel inspired to do something completely unique –
ever thought about having a beach bonfire party for
your reception? Feel free to express yourselves and
follow your own dreams with ceremony readings
and overall guest experience. The sky’s the limit!
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