John’s most memorable moment was
seeing his bride walking down the aisle to
meet him in her gorgeous Kleinfeld’s gown,
and a spectacular wedding bouquet.
This husband and wife got a kick out of
the other activities that were going on in
parallel to this celebration, “The children
at our wedding got together as a group
and decided to have their own party.
They collected and threw most of the
napkins onto the dance floor. Then they
rearranged all of the chairs. Apparently,
fun was had by all,” they chuckle.
With a stand-out wedding cake, an awe-
inspiring fireworks show, and picture-
perfect first dance to
A Thousand Years
by Christina Perri, this was a festivity they
would never forget.
Among the special details that went into
making this seaside celebration at the Riu
Palace Costa Rica a hit, were the bridal
party gifts that saw their leading ladies
receive silver bracelets and purple silk
robes, and the main men with mono-
grammed flasks. The other guests were
treated to beach-themed wine stoppers
to match the signature drink, Sea Breeze.
Every tiny to titanic detail went into
making this day a true success, and the
couple were thankful that they had the
assistance of their Signature Weddings
specialist, “An extra ‘thank you’ to Antoi-
nette, who stayed in constant contact
with us throughout the planning process
and was incredibly helpful – and patient –
each step of the way.”
Heather and John, plan to take their
honeymoon in Australia and the Fiji
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