By Zeynep Tuck
From the finest thread of each luscious fabric to the
embroidered elegance of the train and beyond,
ranging from eggshell to champagne, and all the
trending tones of the season, symbolizing unity,
commitment, and everlasting love, it is no wonder
that everyone raves, “It’s all about the dress.”
Catapulting the sensational fairytale weddings into a
whole new level, this year’s gowns have set the tone
for the entire celebration. The natural surroundings of
the traditional destination weddings, from beaches to
boats, cliffs, gardens, and the like, no longer dictate
the bride’s wedding get-up, and have now taken the
back seat to frothy, free-flowing gowns, crystalline
accents, and dramatic trains, hair accessories and
jewellery, which have rightfully and unapologetically
stolen the show.
This season’s brides are selecting statement pieces
that accentuate and embellish their sensational bridal
attire. The romance and elegance of yesteryear may
still echo in the tiny details that contribute to the overall
look, but it is the embellishments, those absolutely
spectacular, larger-than-life materials, jewels and
appliques that contribute to the show-stopping, awe-
inspiring dresses of the fall. With each embellishment,
material and train, destination brides are packing
these beautiful gowns up and transporting them to
their destinations with ease with special wedding
dress programs (find out more on page 18).
Lace is a timeless fabric that has captured the hearts
of designers to this day, and is a timeless expression of
the transition each bride makes from her past into her
budding future. Beads and pearls are also throwback
trends that have recently surged, taking to new
heights, as dressmakers have dared to experiment
with the volume and unconventional placement of
these classy accents.
In the garden, by the sea or overlooking the ocean,
this coming season, brides are preparing to dazzle
and delight their wedding guests, from top to toe, with
some of the most gorgeous and gregarious gowns of
the year.
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