Vintage classics
Harnessing the nostalgia of old silver-screen glam-
our, the delicate fabrics, jewels and beads intri-
cately sewn into sleek, silky fabrics in off-white to
cream shades are capturing the hearts of brides,
and their adoring grooms, down the aisle this sea-
son. As a throwback to the classic beauty of the
past, couple your vintage look with subtle jewellery
to the tune of pearls, teardrop diamonds, mother of
pearl or cabochon.
Destination Wedding Guide
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Fairytale fanfare
The flowing, princess-cut gowns in lands far far
away continue to be a favourite with brides this
season. The lightweight fabrics, from tulle to chiffon,
drape across long dresses and extended trains,
creating that regal look. These frothy dresses with
asymmetrical angles and subtle accessories - as
they softly brush against the shiny floors of beautiful,
beachfront ballrooms - make the perfect bridal
ensemble for this epic event.
Rosa Clara
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