Bigger (hair) is better
Creating an awe-inspiring do for your big will day
help you make your dramatic entrance! Before your
destination wedding, meet with a stylist to plan the
look you will wear for your special day. Start with the
colour, and ask your stylist about treatments that will
fair well in the climate of your destination. Remember
that your hair will be subject to conditions, such as
chlorinated pools, salt water,
and loads of sunshine.
Your stylist will have the
low-down on colorant
that will withstand
and care products that
you can pack to protect
your hair. Be sure to obtain the
cut and style that you want before your trip. If you
are hiring a stylist at your destination to assist with
an up-do, have your at-home stylist practice the
look and take pictures for reference. A glamorous
look typically requires volume, if your hair is lacking
in volume, consider voluptuous hair extensions or a
clip-on hairpiece that will be incorporated into your
up-do. Many salons and beauty supply stores offer
a variety of options – don’t be afraid to try synthetic
pieces, when worn correctly, it is almost impossible to
tell the difference from your real hair
your glam
Choose extensions that will add
hints of bold colour to your up-
do, from fiery red accents to
platinum blonde streaks
Beauty tips totransform
your look for thebigday
Plan for a glamorous wedding at your special destination with beauty tips that will
be sure to create a memorable look - and an awestruck groom!
Fall opulence equals inspirational wedding ideas, including rich foods, bold colour
palettes, and the bounty of the beauty that nature offers. Even while travelling to a
far-away location, the abundance of the season can inspire wedding glamour
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