Shape altering under wares
A gorgeous dress deserves a little attention to
detail. Paying attention to what goes under
your dress will create the most dramatic
figure-flattering look. Shapewear comes in a
variety of options from boosting your bustline
to adding or subtracting curves in areas where
you feel you need a little extra support. A full
or half corset cinches your waist
while amplifying your bust. Extra
padding can be added to
a bra or underwear to add
volume to your curves,
creating an hourglass look.
Be sure to advise the sales
associate that you will be
travelling to a warmer climate and
require something in a breathable fabric.
Try your shapewear on with your dress before
you leave to ensure that the garment is not
visible under your wedding dress.
your glam
Consider visiting a lingerie or
hosiery shop to browse the latest
in lightweight shapers to help you
tighten up any “problem” areas,
such as the tummy or thighs.
Enhance the natural
beauty that you are,
and add a little glamour
to your big day.
Tattooed makeup is a permanent and dramatic
body modification option that will last well beyond
your wedding day. When it comes time for body art,
tattooed hair follicles for the groom that simulate
the look of a shorn, full head of hair can make that
vanishing hairline, disappear!
Bold brides and extravagant grooms
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