Apps can make a
You could even make your photo
booth part of the visual entertainment
for the night, apps like Livebooth and
Eventstagram can enable you to
project a live feed from your photo
booth to a projector screen so your
guests can see their photographic
masterpieces as they are created.
Or for something different, make your
booth a Video Booth where guests
can leave messages for you and let
you know how they are enjoying the
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In the frame
Often the best photos of your big day are the candid
ones. So, in addition to asking wedding guests to
share their personal wedding photos with you, why
not tempt fate and set up your own Wedding Photo
Booth? As well as being a fabulous ice breaker,
and providing entertainment well into the evening,
photo booth shots can be a great memento from
your day. Whether you wish to style it up or make it
lighthearted is up to you. You could customize the
background with a floral display following the theme
of your centrepieces or use the same fabric as your
bridesmaids’ gowns for an elegant feel. Or if you
want to create a more relaxed ambience, maybe
think about setting up a giant chalkboard that guests
could personalize with messages before each shot.
You could also set up a dress-up box with everything
from wigs to giant sunglasses and feather boas. Or
how about ordering a giant polaroid frame with your
names and wedding date printed on the border to
“date stamp” each shot?
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