Trash the Dress
Yes, it’s the most expensive dress you’ll ever wear, but
few wedding gowns are handed down these days; most
end up gathering dust in a wardrobe. So, why not make
a statement with yours after the ceremony and create
your own wall art. Many photographers have now added
“trash the dress” themes to their packages. Whether you
want to cool off in it going snorkelling or scuba diving, rip
the hems as you saddle up for a horseback ride across
the sands or get messy with a food fight or paint throwing
frenzy “trash thedress” is agreat way to let off steamat the
end of the day, and star in some stunning photography
that’s sure to be a talking point long after your wedding.
del Sol photography.
Unique exits
How you take those first steps together as man and wife is sure to be one of
themost photographedmoments of your day, so it’s worth taking a little time
to think about how you’d like your exit from the ceremony to be celebrated
by your guests. Classic confetti doesn’t always lend itself to a destination
wedding, especially if you’re tying the knot on thebeach, sowhy not consider
some other options. Sunset ceremonies couldbe enhancedwith a corridor of
light illuminated by sparklers or glow sticks, while guests at daytime weddings
could be encouraged to play castanets, blow bubbles, launch personalised
paper aeroplanes or even throwmini-beach balls!
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