Reach for the sky
The Delsey Helium Sky Collection is the perfect
addition to your most memorable journey
together. Available in brilliant sky blue or sleek
charcoal, and made from lightweight Micro
Ballistec™, the range includes an attractive
tote, duffel bag, 18-inch carry-on, as well as
two larger cases. There are a host of useful
details to make travelling hassle-free, including
outside zip-up pockets for stowing last-minute
items, molded ergonomic hand grips, and
fully lined interiors. Find these handy travel
companions at Hudson’s Bay.
Kissable lips
This moisturizing lip balm, Baby Lips by
Maybelline New York, with SPF 20, is
infused with botanical cellular report
concentrate extracted from the
miraculous Centella Asiatica plant,
giving your lips that kissable, juicy look
while you spend quality time with
your new hubby on the beach. This
formula, with active care ingredients
such as vitamin C, E and B5, delivers
moisture and softness to chapped,
dry lips, and provides broad spectrum
protection against UVA and UVB rays.
Capture the
moment in HD
Whether you’re ziplining, horseback
riding, surfing, scuba diving, snorkelling
will capture your special memories like
nothing else on the market. The GoPro
HERO3+ is small, lightweight, rugged,
versatile and capable of crystal-clear
1080p HD video or 10MP high-resolution
stills. It’s waterproof, and there are a
variety of mount options, so that you
can record the action from your point
of view – wherever that may be.
Shield your eyes
from the sun
You know you need to protect your
peepers from UV exposure, as well as
from the intense shine of the sun, so
you might as well do it in style with
these Smith Shorewood polarized
women’s sunglasses. The special
curve and tapering of the lenses
ensures distortion-free viewing from
any angle. The frame is made with
a plant-based material, thus reducing
your eco-footprint. You can pick up a
pair of these stylish shades fromanyMEC
store nationwide or via their website.
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