With the use of mobile apps, online
tools, and social channels for captur-
ing, storing and sharing the handsome
memories of this momentous occa-
sion, more techno brides and grooms
are also recognizing new ways to
streamline and upgrade every mo-
ment of their destination wedding from
the planning stages all the way through
to the big day. We’ve listed some of the
season’s handiest apps, websites and
software for your consideration
The diet
If you’ve been frustrated at your reflection in the mirror, scarfing down greens
each day, and barely making it to the gym during your busy schedule, then
you may need a bit of help with your fitness and diet routines. Help is on the
way in the form of eTools and the PointsPlus™ Plan by Weight Watchers Can-
ada™. If you attend regular meetings, a Weight Watchers eTools subscription
will keep you on track with its useful mobile app that lets you track your food
consumption and activity, and features interactive Cheat Sheets online, as
well as charts and graphs
to help check your prog-
ress. Achieving your ideal
bridal body and beach-
ready silhouette by eating
healthy and not going on
a hunger strike is now only
a click away.
Leading up to your big “I do,” your days will
be flooded by appointments with your styl-
ist, dress designer, suit tailor, mani-pedi salon
specialist, the list goes on. You will want to
keep track of everything you need to do
while keeping it synced with your network.
Effectively syncing across multiple platforms,
Evernote™ helps the couple-to-be share all
their ideas, appointments, events, pictures,
bookings and tasks surrounding their desti-
nation wedding with their wedding guests
and bridal party.
The planner
The To Do list is mounting, and you both need a relief from the anxiety and
stress that can creep in over the course of planning a wedding. Apps such as
Equanimity - Meditation Timer & Tracker™, Breathe2Relax™, Nature Sounds
Relax and Sleep are all rated four plus stars, and they can put you in a state of
calm, better equipped mentally for the next challenge. Worry Box™ is also an
excellent app for chronicling and working through your concerns.
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