The video
If you are looking to amplify the “social” aspect of your very special day, and
don’t want to miss a minute, whether your bridal party is having an impromptu
toast to the bride and groomwhile you are chattingwith great grandma, or little
Jimmy is busting amove by his table while you are cutting the cake, rely on your
friends and family to capture these moments by uploading and sharing them
with you through the WeddingMix™ app. When you buy a package, all the
images and videos, from the proposal all the way through to the honeymoon,
can be edited into a wedding video to cherish forever.
The playlist
Many couples cut the cost of hiring a DJ by crafting their own customized
playlists for each event and moment of their wedding day. WeddingDJ™ is
most specific to this event, and best allows you to customize your playlists for all
the moments in and around the rehearsal dinner, welcome cocktail, wedding
ceremony and reception. However, what if the mood in the room changes on
the day or in the moment? For that, there is a “re-order” tab that a tech-savvy
member of the bridal party can stay on top of.
The formalwear
Whether it’s a bridesmaid dress, bridal ac-
cessories, or a groomsmen’s turquoise tie,
there are plenty of places to wear these fan-
cy outfits after this particular event. Howev-
er, if you are feeling particularly charitable,
there are a few places that would gladly
take these gently used items. New Circles
in Toronto, The Cinderella Project in Van-
couver, and a group of high school grads in
Spyrfield, Halifax, to name a few, are help-
ing to make prom dreams come true one
second-hand formal accessory and gown
at a time. By donating your formalwear to
these types of non-profit organizations, you
are helping high school grads in low-income
communities celebrate the completion of
their secondary education with confidence,
and some style.
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