A romantic seaside setting, friends and family gathered in
joy and laughter, the finest in luxuries and amenities…
RIU has brought everything together to create the wed-
ding of your dreams. With your love and devotion, our at-
tention to detail, and the glorious natural beauty of these
awesome destinations, we’ll surpass all of your expecta-
tions, and make the most important day in your life perfect
in every way.
We offer wedding packages for all of our incredible ho-
tels in Mexico, The Bahamas, Jamaica, Cuba, Panama, St.
Martin, Aruba and the Dominican Republic. We even of-
fer a lovely option on the incredible Pacific coast of Costa
Rica. Each location has different features and attractions,
so be sure to visit our website to choose the location, high-
lights, and amenities that best suit your ideas and tastes.
We’ve created four amazing choices to fit your personal
and unique lifestyle, each one is customizable.
For more details, contact your travel agent or consult
a wedding specialist at Signature Weddings by visiting
Destination Weddings Guide
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