Destination Weddings Guide
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What’s inside
14 Top events for 2014/15
15 About our fall issue
18 Tying the knot with Sunwing Weddings
24 Destination Weddings? Absolutely! from Signature Vacations
28 Spotlight on Hard Rock Weddings: Love Rocks
38 Groups Plus Wedding perks
42 Galvanizing gowns of the season
54 Real Weddings: Casey and Matt
62 Win a romantic getaway for two!
66 Get your glam on
74 Trending this fall
84 Spotlight on Riu Hotels & Resorts:
Celebrate the perfect wedding
90 The best guy getaways
96 Blissful bonding at the spa
102 Bodacious brooch bouquets
108 Wedding day wow - Decor ideas
114 Real Weddings: Shalene & Andrew
122 Wedding checklist
128 Real Weddings: Alessandra and Paul
138 Want to be in a future issue of DWG?
142 Real Weddings: Valerie and Thomas
150 Real Weddings: Jolene and Eddie
158 Quiz: Are you a destination bride?
162 The four elements of fun - NexusTours excursions
168 Sunwing & Signature Vacations wedding packages
180 Photo Contest Winner: Christine and Shawn
188 Plaza Premium Lounge -
A first-class lounge for your first-class wedding
189 Sunwing Airlines - Exclusive wedding dress care program
192 Shake your moneymaker
196 Photo Contest Winner: Leana and Daniel
206 Special feature: Same-sex weddings
208 Photo Contest Winner: Alma and Gillian
212 Oasis Resorts exclusive feature: Feel free to feel good
218 Sexiest beaches for your sizzling honeymoon
226 Ask the experts
234 Real Weddings: Heather and John
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