Destination Weddings Guide
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You’ve checked into your bridal suite and in mere days, standing
oceanside, hand-in-hand, you will declare your love to your partner for
eternity. Every detail has been taken care of. You’ve weighed in on the
seating plan, the first dance song, and the colour of the cupcake icing.
Now it’s time to step away and let loose with your best boys. While the
ladies are getting primped and pampered at the salon or spa, and most
of the guests are simply relaxing at the beach, vacate your seat at the
pool bar, and experience some of these high-energy, totally thrilling,
tropical activities geared at the groom’s side of the bridal party.
Aim for the extreme
Aweddingceremony, for many grooms, takes a fellaoutsideof his comfort
zone. Assuage any pre-wedding jitters by concentrating your unbridled
energy toward a high-octane activity that’ll keep your adrenaline levels
soaring to the highest heights. Nothing will re-direct your focus more than
swimming with sharks (no cages!) on Grand Bahama Island, deep-sea
fishing in Costa Rica, scuba diving along the world’s second largest barrier
reef in Honduras, kiteboarding in Puerto Plata or hitting the waves with a
surfing lesson in Mexico’s Pacific gem, Los Cabos.
When in Rome
Wherever the hot spot is that you choose for your destination wedding,
there is always one thing you HAVE to do when you’re there. Whether
it is hopping on a tour of the Mayan ruins in Riviera Maya, ziplining atop
the Costa Rican jungle or catching a cabaret show at the legendary
Tropicana club in Havana, you and your boys will want to return home
declaring, “Yes, we did THAT!”
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