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Huatulco is one of Mexico’s most relaxed destinations,
making it the perfect spot for your special wedding day.
Located on the coast of the state of Oaxaca, at the
edge of the Sierra Madre mountains, Huatulco spans 32
kilometres of Mexico’s Pacific coastline. The centrepiece of
Huatulco’s charm is a series of nine bays, encompassing 36
beaches and numerous inlets and coves, each with its own
unique setting and ecology. All are noted for their dream-
like beaches of golden sand, and crystal-clear water,
yet the bays remain delightfully unspoiled, sometimes
accessible only by boat.
The ecological commitment of Huatulco has won the
EarthCheck certification, which places it as the first
sustainable tourist community in the Americas, and third
place worldwide.
Huatulco’s selection for resort development was helped
along by its proximity to the state’s capital, the magical
city of Oaxaca. Its ancient archaeological sites, vibrant
and colourful markets, rich colonial architecture, and
fascinating native cultures make it a perfect match for
Huatulco’s coastal attractions. Huatulco is also the perfect
gateway for exploring the villages of Puerto Escondido and
Puerto Angel, two of the state’s more rustic coastal gems.
Just 16 kilometres from central Huatulco is Copalita.
Copalita is the only archaeological site in Oaxaca framed
by the beauty of Copalita River, and magnificent views
of the bays of Huatulco. Copalita sports the Sitio Copalita
Museum, which is the first of its kind. Promoting sustainable
areas respecting the environment while preserving
memories, culture and traditions.
Sunwing Airlines offers flights to Huatulco from Vancouver,
Calgary, Edmonton, Saskatoon, Regina, Winnipeg, Toronto,
and Montreal.
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