Your destination wedding resort’s spa is the perfect
location to combine the three Rs - romance, relaxation
and rejuvenation. Visiting the spa together is a must-
do activity before your special day. Think how much
better you will feel, ready to face everything, from
demanding in-laws to diva bridesmaids, head on.
Treat your body and mind, and share your love for
one another by getting pampered together.
Skilled spa staff is ready to knead, massage and
create a tranquil romantic environment where your
only worry is deciding what feel-good spa treatment
to share with your lover.
Lay side-by-side as you are massaged
under a gazebo perched high upon a cliff overlooking
the turquoise waters of the Caribbean Sea. Or feel the
gentle strokes of your therapist while in the middle of
the rainforest on a table with only each other, with
serenading birds as your companions. Combine
your love of the beach with the soothing touches of
a massage as you feel the warmth of the sun, and
therapist’s hands in a private beach cabana.
If you prefer your treatments indoors,
many spas in the Caribbean and Mexico have
treatment rooms with a view – very scenic views, in
fact. The pearl gem of this spectacular scenery is, of
course, your sweetheart.
Just like your wedding night, you want to make your
time at the spa together as enjoyable, relaxing and,
yes, romantic as possible. For the treatments and the
times you prefer, it’s best to book weeks before your
destination wedding date.
Man vs. woman.
No man and woman are alike,
and that certainly is the case when it comes to spa
treatments. You may want a lighter, more soothing
aromatherapy massage with your favourite oils, like
camomile or a floral scent. And he may want the
therapist to provide a more intense treatment, like a
deep-tissue massage, with the least amount of floral
scents, and perhaps a citrus, cinnamon, vanilla or
oak scent, or maybe even bacon!
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