Turn up the heat.
Ask the spa manager what special
amenities they can do for your couples massage. For
example, you can arrange to have your favourite
wine or champagne served before and after the
To up the ante on this romantic interlude, ask your spa
manager about some of the following options:
• Does the couples treatment room have a lounging
area where you can relax together and share some
intimate moments?
• Is there a shower in the treatment room?
• What about a Jacuzzi tub?
• Will they allow a special treat or food to be brought
in, like chocolate-covered strawberries?
•Can you play your ownmusic on an iPod in the room?
• Ask if the therapists can do a teaching session, and
showyou some tips and techniques onmassaging your
partner – guaranteed to bring you closer together.
Specialty treatments.
Beyond traditional massage
therapies, why not try wraps infused with local fruit and
plant extracts from that specific destination? In your
cocoon-like state, toxins and stresses aremelted away.
Or for something completely different, try a
a traditional Mayan purification ceremony led by a
By heading inside the dome-like structure slathered in
a clay mixture. You can get closer in mind, body and
spirit – but be prepared to sweat!
Let’s not forget the mother-of-the-bride and bridal
party. It can be a stressful time for them, too. A little
pampering will go a long way in insuring a smooth
wedding. They will want to look their best for pictures,
and who knows what kinds of YouTube videos! Facials,
manis, pedis, and other aesthetic treatments, from
eyelid tinting to waxing, are guaranteed to make
them look radiant, beautiful and simply stress-free.
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If your future hubby is a spa neophyte and may not
be comfortable with going for a full body massage,
why not a reflexology treatment where the therapist
applies pressure to the feet with specific thumb,
finger and hand techniques? This could also extend
to the hands. It’s a wonderful way to experience a
treatment together, but this time being in a vertical
not horizontal position where you can easily chat with
one another.
No matter what treatment you choose, making time
for the spa will relax and invigorate you and your lover
in preparation for your special day.
All hands on deck. Let the pampering begin!
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