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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Signature Weddings
If the hotel has a wedding coordinator, why should I hire Signature Weddings?
Your Signature Weddings planner works directly on your behalf with the resort. Your personal, dedi -
cated planner lives in Canada and from day one of your planning she’s there for you to ease your
stress. You will not have to call and email the Caribbean waiting for answers. Our wedding planners
are creative and have an expertise working with a wide variety of properties, venues and wedding
vendors. This service is especially designed for busy brides who need assistance, and desire the advice
and services of a professional destination wedding planner.
Do I have to purchase a hotel wedding package in addition to the Signature Weddings
Yes. Signature Weddings planning services are separate from resort packages. All resorts have a wed-
ding package – whether it be free or for a fee – and in many cases, the resort wedding package is
similar to a venue fee that you’d pay if you were to get married at home (a restaurant, banquet hall,
etc.), with the inclusion of a bouquet and boutonniere for example. The Sunwing Weddings services
are all about planning, expertise, your individual wedding and stress reduction. Please make sure you
understand that your resort’s wedding package often will not cover costs of private receptions and
any other larger group amenities.
What are the key benefits of the Signature Weddings services?
Having the peace of mind that you’re working with a certified destination wedding specialist planning
your wedding; knowing that your wedding planner speaks your language, understands your vision, and
knows how to execute it; knowing that your wedding questions will be answered promptly and with
insight; knowing that you have a smart wedding planner to look after all of your wedding questions
and more. If you were getting married locally, you wouldn’t think twice about hiring a wedding plan-
ner – don’t second guess yourself in the case of your destination wedding. Brides and grooms face
even more challenges trying to plan a wedding halfway across the world!
What kind of experience do Signature Weddings planners have?
We have a combined 30+ years experience in planning destination weddings. Founded by a destina-
tion wedding bride having trouble planning her own wedding, the company was established on the
notion that busy brides really need help. We know what it’s like, we know how stressful it can all be,
we’ve heard the questions of former destination wedding brides and we’ve created these services
based on all of these concerns. We’ve created a much-needed service for your destination wedding
planning needs.